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Twins Hear Daddy’s Guitar And Bust Out With Move That Has Mom Doubling Over In Laughter

We all know it’s cute when we spot a little one dancing to a song in public, or bouncing in their favorite jumpy chair in the house. But when happens when there are two little girls ready to bop around at the table? Well, this video proves two is TOO cute to handle! That’s what Mom and Dad found out when they brought out the guitar after dinnertime. What a pair of cuties dancing in their chairs to Daddy’s impressive beat! They certainly are double trouble and Mom has it all on film.


According to Parents Magazine, music holds an incredibly important position in a child’s early life. The publication explains that music helps babies move around, learn our language and express themselves in a healthy physical manner! In fact, babies who move around rhythmically to music are proven to smile more, can be easier to soothe, and are, statistically speaking, more willing to explore the world around them. That’s why the site stresses the importance of getting up and moving with your little one when the radio is on. You can make this learning process more fun by ditching the classical music and playing (age-appropriate) music that you enjoy as well.


Thankfully, these little girls don’t need the boring ol’ radio. They have Dad’s music instead and don’t take it for granted. As soon as he starts playing, the girls begin bobbing their head to the beat. The research above must be correct because they can’t help but let big smiles spread across their faces as Dad strums along. Take a peek at this heartwarming family moment for yourself in the video below. With 27 million people tuning in to watch these girls dance, we think they should start a family band! How much fun would that concert be to attend?

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