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60 Men In & Out Of Woman’s Home Every Night Beelining Straight To Her Bedroom Upon Arrival

Kathy Felt has battled multiple sclerosis for years, but after a while, it became too difficult for her to maneuver getting in and out of bed. She lived by herself and the only other option was to move into an assisted living facility, but she didn’t want to leave the comfort and familiarity of her home. Her sons and an aide help her get out of bed and get ready every morning, but they couldn’t help her with her nighttime routine.


One day, the Utah woman heard a knock at her door. It was a neighbor who knew of her struggles. He had an idea. It sounded absolutely crazy, but Kathy was willing to try anything to avoid moving into a nursing home and closing the door on her house forever. “I cried. Just like now. I was so moved. This is my miracle,” she said.


In her quaint hometown of Sandy, Utah, approximately 60 strong men from Kathy’s neighborhood were willing to step forward and help her out. They couldn’t imagine the difficulties she was facing and felt called to be a blessing to her. As Kathy said, it truly was a miracle, and one she desperately needed and truly appreciated. Watch the video below and learn what these dozens upon dozens of men decided to do to help out Kathy. It’s truly heartwarming.

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