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Mom Sings Impromptu Karaoke At Sam’s Club And Becomes Viral Sensation Overnight

A typical trip to the wholesale store with a friend turned into a viral moment when Christina Kokonis-Viggers stumbled upon a karaoke machine.

She and her friend Amanda Lasher were casually strolling the aisles of Sam’s Club when they walked past the singing machine, and without thinking twice, Christina did something that shocked her friend as well as the fellow shoppers.

Instead of being embarrassed by her friend, Amanda whipped out her phone and started to record her actions. We’re so glad she did!

Christina hooked her phone up to the display karaoke machine and selected “Maybe This Time” from the musical Cabaret.

As soon as she started singing, other shoppers took notice.

In the middle of a toy aisle, Christina was busy belting her heart out — and boy, was she good!

Amanda told ABC 7 New York that everyone in the store was impressed by her friend’s impromptu performance.

“Afterwards, she got like this great applause. That was amazing.”

No one believed that such an incredible voice came from an everyday Sam’s Club shopper!

As soon as they left the store, Amanda posted the video on her Facebook account.

She knew it was destined to be Internet gold!

Even though Amanda was confident, Christina told ABC 7 New York that she had her doubts.

“She said, ‘I’m going to put it on Facebook. This is going to blow up.’ And I said no.”

Within hours, the video had been viewed more than 8 million times and has racked up 14 million views to-date.

Everyone loves Christina’s voice and wanted to hear more of it.

Hopefully, she comes out with music of her own shortly!

Watch Christina’s impressive Sam’s Club karaoke performance here. What a talented lady!

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