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Homecoming King Watches Special Needs Girl Made Queen Surprising Everyone By Removing His Crown

Being named to the high school homecoming court as a senior is exhilarating. Being named king or queen becomes a surreal honor for a student.

But in Colorado, one homecoming king willingly decided to rip off his sash and remove his crown not long after being honored with the coveted title. At first, no one could believe what he did!


Douglas County High School senior Brad Cooley was crowned king along with queen 17-year-old Meghan Bailey. Meghan has a form of cerebral palsy that prevents her from being able to speak.

When people discovered Brad’s motives for stepping down as king, they were shocked! It all started 12 years ago when Meghan met her best friend Ian Brennan — they have been pals since they were five-years-old.


Everyone loves Ian, who happens to have Down syndrome. They even planned to go to the homecoming dance together.

But before the Saturday evening dance rolled around, Brad decided he didn’t want to be king anymore. He felt there was someone more deserving than him, so he tracked down Ian and crowned him homecoming king, Denver 7 shared.

“Something didn’t feel right to me, it didn’t feel like I was the one who was supposed to have it. There was just something in me that was like, I just felt like it would be better deserved for someone else.”

Meghan’s mom Heidi Bailey was in tears when she learned what Brad had done for Meghan and Ian. She wasn’t the only one.

“It was amazing to have just the sweetness of sharing that moment, it was really amazing.”


Ian’s dad Jim couldn’t believe Brad’s generous gesture toward his son either. He was stunned.

“It was really overwhelming, so it is a very, very special, it was a special night and a special memory and we’re going to hold on to that one.”

The Brennan family truly needed Brad’s pick-me-up. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

That’s because Ian’s mom passed away two months before homecoming after a battle with liver cancer. She was Ian’s biggest fan and would’ve loved to have watched her son be crowned homecoming king, Jim told Denver 7.

“She was my hero before she was diagnosed. Yeah she was, yep, she was and she still is and our hope now is that with the help of a whole team of other people the work that she did and just make the world a better place not just for Ian, but for everybody.”


Watch in the video below how thrilled the homecoming king and queen are when they realize just what a wonderful thing Brad had done for them.

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