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Inseparable After 60+ Years Of Marriage Kirk Douglas, 101, And Wife, 99, Meet Great Granddaughter

Kirk Douglas has lived a full life spanning more than a century. He’s seen the rise of nations, falls of tyrants, the technology boom and our social standards shift. Through everything, he managed to become an accomplished actor, philanthropist and dedicated father.

But there’s one leading role that Kirk cherished more than anything: being a husband to his wife of 62 years, Anne Buydens.

No matter what life seems to throw at them, Kirk and Anne come out stronger than ever. Now, with Kirk’s 102nd birthday around the corner and Anne turning 100 shortly after, the pair are getting ready for whatever their future may hold…


The couple first met when Kirk was working on-location in Paris, France for his upcoming film Lust for Life. Anne was a producer for the film and used her multilingual abilities to escape Nazi territory and pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

As soon as Anne spotted Kirk on-set, it was a wrap. The German-born producer was immediately smitten and the pair married shortly after on May 29, 1954, in a gorgeous ceremony surrounded by their friends and family.

Kirk already had two sons, Michael and Joel, from his first marriage to Diana Dill but wanted to start a family with Anne as well. The gave birth to two more children, Peter (a producer like his mother) and Eric. Life seemed like a fairytale for their happy couple!


In the decades to follow, Anne and Kirk crisscrossed the globe on their own dime as philanthropists and goodwill ambassadors for the U.S. Information Agency. They worked to spread a message of world peace, love and acceptance to countries far and wide.

Despite the work they did overseas, their family back at home always kept calling. In fact, Kirk and Anne’s recently got to meet their great-granddaughter, Lua Izzy. The sweet little one is the daughter of Cameron Douglas (son of Hollywood A-lister Michael Douglas) and his girlfriend, Viviane Thibes, and was named after Kirk’s birth name, Issur Danielovitch.

Instagram/Cameron Morrell Douglas

Even though they’re getting up there in age, Kirk and Anne are just as inseparable as when they first met. They go everywhere together, often holding hands or winking at one another while strolling in their wheelchairs. Nothing stops them from loving each other just as deeply as when they said “I do” in 1954!

The couple shares a passion for life and a flair for adventure, which may be the reason for their quick wit even while pushing 100 years old. From what we’ve heard, the couple has even started planning their upcoming birthday festivities. And if their life together is any indication, their parties are going to be ones for the ages.

Take a peek at their heartwarming interview together below. You can tell they’re so in love!

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