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Depressed Dog Lives Alone At Shelter For 2 Years Until Sudden Moment She Sniffs Man & Recognizes Familiar Scent

How do you define the connection between a person and their dog?

There are some who say that a connection between an animal and their owner is simply based on familiarity and that the owner feeds them.

Any emotion, some argue, is merely projected onto the animal by its human owner.

Yet, the story of Pakita and Ariel calls into question such an assertion. Ariel adopted Pakita, a chocolate lab, and the two were fast friends.

One day, the worst happened. Pakita escaped from the yard, devastating Ariel and his family.

Pakita, for her part, was happy to be free running around and smelling new smells.

Then, she was picked up and sent to a shelter. In Argentina, when you’re a stray dog, getting picked up and taken to a shelter is much better than the alternative.

Pakita found herself in the care of Arca Animal, a shelter in Mar Chiquita county in Buenos Aires.

However, she was no longer her happy, energetic self. Separated from her family, the normally friendly dog became fearful and withdrawn.

Arca Animal’s name translates to “animal ark,” but unlike the famous ship from the Old Testament they take all comers.

They rescue mostly dogs but also cats and other stray or abandoned animals.

They work to get the animals into new homes rather than simply putting them down.

Some animals are eager to meet new humans and find a new home.

Pakita, however, didn’t seem eager about much of anything.

An older dog with hints of gray around her muzzle, those coming to Arca Animal wanted puppies or younger dogs.

Pakita? She just wanted her family back.

Like any modern animal shelter, Arca Animal staff avail themselves of whatever tools they can use in order to find homes for these pets.

This means, taking advantage of social media. They post photos of the animals in their care online.

Still, Pakita wouldn’t even give them a good pose. She’d turn her head away at the last second or hide from the camera entirely.

Still, with a pair of decent shots for their efforts, the staff posted her image to Facebook.

That’s the funny thing about social media. It costs almost nothing, but the results it delivers can be priceless.

Almost right away, Valeria Nievas, Ariel’s mother, reached out to the shelter.

For two years they checked shelters and social media for any sign of Pakita.

A reunion was quickly arranged.

As you can see in the video below, Pakita is at first nervous when she sees Ariel and Valeria.

Still, he’s patient and bends down to her.

As soon as she gets a chance to get a proper whiff of him, she recognizes her friend. Watch below to see how excited she gets!

Watch the heartwarming reunion below:

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