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Delivery Man Sees Hopscotch On Driveway Unaware Homeowner Watching His Silly Antics At Front Door

Delivery professionals have crazy hectic jobs.

They must deliver all of the packages in their care every day in a specified amount of time and without damaging anything along the way.

They brave the rain and snow, hail and wind, to make sure their customers receive their items on schedule and in perfect condition.

They catch a quick bite to eat during their busy day on the road and keep on trucking along their route.

One day, a homeowner spied a delivery professional pulling up to the curb outside her home.

Thankfully, she had a camera aimed at her driveway and front porch and caught the delivery person’s craziness on video.

Being trapped in a vehicle all day might make for a boring work schedule, even though the scenery is constantly changing.

So if something — even the slightest thing — could brighten a delivery professional’s day, we say go for it!

The man hops out of his vehicle with the homeowner’s package in one hand and his computerized device in the other.

He apparently was in a good mood and it was about to get even better.

As the delivery professional strolled up the driveway headed to the front door, he spied a hopscotch pattern drawn out. There’s no way he could pass it by!

He veers to the right and hops on two feet, hops on one foot, hops hops hops up the pattern.

His reaction when he finishes is classic!

Victorious after successfully completing the hopscotch pattern, the delivery professional punches the air with both fists. He’s the champion hopscotcher!

He jovially saunters up to the front door, happy with his hopscotch achievement.

Then he realizes that the homeowner has been watching him all along!

He makes his way to the front door and starts grinning when he sees the homeowner on the other side of the door. His question was hysterical.

“Did you see me do the hopscotch?”

Laughing, the homeowner replied, “I did, yes.”

He couldn’t help but laugh as he walked away headed back toward his vehicle after bidding the owner to “have a good day.”

The sentiment was reciprocated, but the homeowner couldn’t help but think others might get a kick out of the delivery person’s antics.

So the homeowner decided to share the security footage on social media where people stop laughing. It’s gone viral!

This guy clearly enjoyed his 10 seconds of hopscotch and it not only brightened his day, but ours, too!

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