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Divorced After 44 Years Of Marriage Woman Gets Stunning Makeover Taking Decades Off Her Age

In the United States, a couple gets divorced every 13 seconds. That means by the time you’re done reading this sentence, an unfortunate couple is likely signing the last line on their divorce decree. Sadly, that truth is something recent divorcee Vicki knew all too well.

After 44 years of marriage, she was single again and feeling lost. Instead of floundering for a second longer, she booked an appointment with The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, and rushed to his salon. She knew Christopher had the skills to get her feeling fun, fabulous and ready to love herself again!


Fighting back tears, Vicki told the camera crew that she was more than ready to beautiful again. She hadn’t been single since she was 18 years old – and, quite frankly, the thought was terrifying.

Who was she supposed to meet? Where would an encounter like that even take place? And given she was lucky enough to meet someone new, what would they think of her?

Sensing her sadness, Christopher immediately decided to give Vicki a head-to-toe makeover. A simple hair transformation just wasn’t enough to make his client feel as radiant outside as she was inside! The celebrity stylist got to work right away, chopping off quite a bit of length, dying the remaining locks and then focusing his attention on her makeup.


Christopher softened Vicki’s eyebrows by dying them a slightly lighter color and evened out her skin tone with a dewy foundation.  By the end of his process, Vicki was unrecognizable.

The weeping divorcee was replaced with a proud, beautiful goddess sitting tall in her chair. In the matter of a few hours, Christopher was able to turn her into a woman who was happy in her own skin and looking forward to her future.

If this makeover doesn’t prove the power of feeling good about yourself, we don’t know what does!

Take a peek at Vicki’s incredible new look for yourself here. She looks (and hopefully feels) like a brand new woman!

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