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Andrea Bocelli And Son Perform So Angelically On DWTS Leaves Room Misty Eyed

When someone says the name “Andrea Bocelli,” images of packed opera houses, screaming fans and trophy cases filled with awards comes to mind.

But now there’s a new Bocelli on the music scene – and it’s none other than Andrea’s son Matteo.

The 21-year-old tenor-in-training has sung alongside his talented dad in the past, but nothing compares to their recent duet on Dancing with the Stars.

Their voices came together flawlessly, leaving the audience in tears and those watching at home covered in goosebumps.

There’s so much talent in this family…

The father-son pair stopped by Dancing with the Stars for a showstopping performance of their new song “Fall On Me” from the upcoming movie The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

They sang their hearts out while playing the piano side-by-side. Nothing could distract them for their performance – the Bocelli men were in the zone!

By the end of their performance, there wasn’t a dry eye in the theater.

Everyone was blown away by their voices and thanked their lucky stars they got to watch not one, but two Bocelli men perform live.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Andrea shared how proud he was of Matteo for following the music in his heart, what “Fall On Me” meant to him as a father and how much he enjoys playing alongside his son!

“Matteo was raised on ‘bread and music.’ While in high school, he also studied piano at the conservatory (where he is now studying opera).

He is passionate about opera and has already performed in serious venues.

He seems inclined to follow his father’s footsteps, even though an artistic career is made up of many things, at times unknowable, and cannot certainly be devised at the drawing table.

Plus, he’s barely 20 years old.

But I believe ‘Fall on Me’ is a promising start besides being for both of us a highly emotional experience… because it actually is about us.

The song gives voice to a son who is growing and just taking his first steps in life, with doubts and uncertainties, and to a father that reassures him, that helps him spread his wings, a father that tries — with all of the love in his heart — to transmit strong values; to give answers.

I have tried to transmit to Matteo, as well as to my eldest son Amos (who recently earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering) values that I believe in and that have made me who I am, but we have different voices and different life experiences.

His talent is exclusively his – it’s not something that a father can ‘transmit.'”

No one can predict what Matteo’s career has in store, but we can safely assume he’ll follow the same impressive footsteps as his father.

He certainly has the skill to do so!

Listen to their breathtaking duet for yourself below.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree with this one!

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