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Daughters Take 90-Yr-Old Mom To Beach For 1st Time Witnessing Miracle Lighting Up The Internet

Enid Marie Weide was born in 1927, which means that she’s witnessed a lot of things during her lifetime.

She’s lived through both The Great Depression and WWII, experienced the political unrest of the 1960’s, and yes, she got to see firsthand how the big hair craze took over the 1980’s!

Enid was also part of a generation that got to watch an out of this world moon landing on TV, but after spending 90 years on planet Earth, there was still one sight she hadn’t seen – the beach.

Enid has never squished wet sand between her toes, felt the waves crashing at her feet, nor has she ever experienced the joy of building a sand castle for the very first time.

Now, all of that is about to change as her daughters take their mom on the best trip of her life!

Some of us may take it for granted that not everyone has an opportunity to see the beach.

It’s not known why this grandmother has never made the trek, but after her husband passed away in 2014, her daughters stepped in to take care of both her, and her life-long beach problem!

Enid soon found herself splitting her time between California and New Jersey, where her daughter’s Jeanne and Dorothy lived.

It was during that time that family and friends planned a wonderful surprise for Enid. Jeanne told StoryTrender:

“Mom was initially confused as to why someone was bringing round a wheelchair, after all, she knew we already had a wheelchair.

The reality soon kicked in that she was actually going down to the beach, to put her toes in the water and she was so excited.”

Usually it’s the parents that take their kids to the beach, but now the roles are reversed.

Enid couldn’t believe that she was going to get to play in the sandbox for reals!

Since Enid wasn’t as mobile as she once was, a special wheelchair helped her get across the sand and right up to the water’s edge.

When her feet touched the beach for the very first time in Ensenada, Baja, California, Enid cried big crocodile tears!

Daughter Jeanne was just as tearful when she said:

“It was overwhelming to be able to give this gift to her, I thought she would be happy but I was not prepared for how happy this simple act of kindness from friends, family and neighbors would make her feel.”

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that remind us just how wonderfully joyful it can be.

The ocean is one place that works miracles on our souls and seeing the look on Enid’s face as she dipped her toes into the water was nothing short of amazing.

Just look at the smile on this giddy gran’s face!

Enid is having the time of her life when she dips her feet into the water and splashes it straight up into the air with glee!

There’s a happy puppy barking his excitement right next to her, and Enid can’t hold back her giggles when her daughter twirls her around in the water.

You’re never too old to act like a kid, and thankfully Enid finally got to experience the joy of being a kid at the beach before Father Time came for one last visit.

There could have been no better reward for a life well-lived than getting the chance to spend this precious moment with her family!

In fact, Enid loved it so much that her last and final wish is to have her ashes mixed with her husband’s and scattered into the ocean.

Watch this video to see 90-year-old Enid visit the beach for the very first time.

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