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16 Skaters Line Up With Performance So Haunting It Leaves Everyone Paralyzed In Admiration

After months of practicing for this very moment, it was time for the Russian World Synchronized Ice Skating team to show everyone what they’ve got.

Would they be able to pull off the performance of a lifetime? Or would they falter and embarrass themselves on the world stage?

Thankfully, they were able to glide effortlessly across the ice, moving and flowing together as one while completing difficult footwork.

They made it look so easy for the fans watching live and at home – but the precision and skill it took was downright unbelievable.

According to the Ice Skating Resources website, the history behind synchronized ice skating is quite young.

In fact, the sport didn’t become widely accepted in the United States until the 1970s.

“Dr. Richard Porter is given credit for forming the ‘Hockettes’ as the first synchronized skating team.

He became known as the ‘father of synchronized skating.’ The ‘Hockettes’ skated out of Ann Arbor, Michigan and entertained spectators during the intermissions of the University of Michigan Men’s Hockey Team.

In the early days, precision skating (as it was then called) resembled a drill team routine, or a precision dance company such as The Rockettes.

During the 1970s, the interest in this new sport grew and resulted in other areas to form their own teams.

With the passage of each season, more teams began to develop more creative and innovative routines incorporating stronger skating skills, new maneuvers with sophisticated transitions performed with greater speed, style and agility.

Due to the enormous interest in the sport in North America, the first official international competition was held between Canadian and American teams in Michigan in March 1976.

With the internationalization of the sport, it has evolved rapidly, with increasing emphasis on speed and skating skills, and ‘highlight’ elements such as jumps, spins, and lifts that originally were not permitted in competition.”

From that year on, thousands of men and women from countries all across the globe have tried their hand at synchronized ice skating.

It’s not an easy sport to master – but it sure is beautiful!

With “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston blaring over the loudspeakers, the women twirled over the ice in perfect unison.

They hit every move as Whitney’s voice carried from one end of the stadium to the other.

By the end of their performance, everyone in the audience was hooting and hollering.

No one could believe that they just witnessed such an incredible athletic feat – and on ice, nonetheless!

The girls beamed from ear to ear. In their hearts, they knew this performance was the best one they’ve ever carried out as a team.

Take a peek at their incredible routine for yourself below.

We’re sure you’ll be just as impressed as we were!

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