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10-Year-Old Girl In Hospital On Birthday Because Of Suicide Attempt While Mom Is Mocked By Parent’s Of Bully

Lilly-Jo Caldcott is a bright young soul. The gregarious 10-year-old loves playing with friends, exploring the great outdoors and spending time with her family. But when Lilly-Jo started to withdraw from social activities and stopped eating, her mother knew something was up.

Jess Brown pulled her daughter aside privately and asked what was happening. Lilly-Jo’s answer was something out Jess’ worst nightmare. Her daughter was being tormented day-in and day-out by bullies at her school…

Facebook/Jess Brown

Jess tried to speak to Lilly-Jo about ignoring the comments and to school officials about ways to help, but soon the attacks turned violent. The concerned mother was out of options to protect her baby girl and Lilly-Jo was left feeling alone in the world.

That’s when the once-bubbly preteen did the unthinkable. Now Jess is speaking out about the bullies’ behavior nearly took her daughter away forever.

Jess told Worcester News that each day is a struggle for Lilly-Jo, especially after her hospitalization.

“My daughter is fighting for her life because of bullying.”

In an emotional interview with the Mirror UK, Jess explained that her daughter was acting strange the day before her 10th birthday. She refused to eat and seemed even less interested in going to school than normal – things weren’t right.

Once again, Jess sat her emotionally exhausted daughter down and asked what was wrong. Within seconds, Lilly-Jo admitted to swallowing several “tablets” so she could take her own life.

“I sat her down and she admitted she’d taken some pills. I took her to the GP and he said we should go straight to [the] hospital. I thought my daughter was going to die.”

Facebook/Jess Brown

Fortunately, doctors were able to treat Lilly-Jo before her condition took a turn for the worse. Now she’s well enough to speak out about what happened to her that day and why she tried end things.

Lilly-Jo told Mirror UK:

“[The bully] was staring at me in the changing rooms and calling me fat. She saw me eating two crumpets, a drink and a turkey baguette, that was all I had. I’m scared she’s going to call me fat.”

This wasn’t the first instance of bullying, by far. Jess detailed the terror that her daughter has been forced to endure:

“[The bully] has pulled her hair, pushed her, smacked Lilly-Jo and also shut a locker door on Lilly-Jo’s head, stamped on her foot when it was broken – the list is endless… I am disgusted my daughter is being bullied yet nothing is being done about it. Nobody seems to want to help at all…

The day after Lilly overdosed I went round to the parents of the girl who has bullied her and showed them the pictures of her in hospital. I wanted to show them the impact of their daughters’ words but they just laughed at me and swore at me.”

Sadly, it seems as though the apples didn’t fall far from the trees when it came to Lilly-Jo’s bullies. Jess also says the school wasn’t much help, either.

Despite Jess’ claims, Cath Crossley, the headteacher of Witton Middle School, told Worcester News the school did everything in its power to curb the bullying:

“We were made aware of these bullying allegations and took immediate action, following the relevant school policies and procedures. Face-to-face meetings were organized with myself, the deputy headteacher and our chair of Governors with the families involved and the families have also been working with our support worker.

Our thoughts go out to Lily-Jo and her family at this difficult time.”

Facebook/Jess Brown

While we’ll never know who is to blame, we do know Lilly-Jo could use our support. Please send her all of the good vibes, thoughts and prayers while she heals.

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