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Father Having Trouble With Cashier At Wal-Mart Glances Up To See Officer Running Toward Him

Officer Mike Kelly was working a side job as a security officer in Walmart. He was responsible for stopping criminals in their tracks, recovering stolen goods and preventing unwanted riff-raff. By all accounts, this specific shift seemed to be like every other before it: slow.

Families bustled in and out of the sliding glass doors. Greeters welcomed them cheerfully. And the parking lot buzzed like a swarm of worker bees.

But when Officer Kelly took a moment to slow down and really pay attention to the shoppers inside the store, he heard God calling on him to share His love…


As soon as Officer Kelly truly opened his eyes, he noticed a young father with his four children struggling to pay their grocery bill. He had no idea if the issue was a technology-related problem with the man’s card or if the funds were nonexistent, but he knew he had to help.

The generous police officer told WRCB-TV that he felt God pulling him toward the family.

“I just felt God telling me, saying, ‘Just go help him.’ [I’m] getting extra money to be there and I’m just like, are these people going to go hungry when I’m just sitting here making a little extra money for myself?

… I’m looking down at the little girl, and the little girls looking up to her dad, and I look in the [shopping cart.] It’s just Ramen noodles. I don’t know if it’s a financial thing, or if the card just didn’t work.”

Jermaine Bowe, another shopper in line, witnessed Officer Kelly whip out nearly $80 to cover the family’s bill. He shared what he saw on Facebook and asked people to help identify the officer, who quietly went back to work after footing the bill.

As soon as he got home from Walmart, Jermaine wrote:

“Just witnessed another extraordinary act by our men and women in uniform. A police officer paid for the groceries of a customer here at Walmart. The best part, the customer told the police officer ‘God bless you,’ and the police officer responded, ‘I am already blessed.’ I love it.”

Facebook/Cleveland TN Police Department

As a member of law enforcement, Officer Kelly sees the dark side of humanity more often than he’d like to admit. There are people struggling to make ends meet to the point of starvation, people addicted to nasty poisons and people involved in crime culture who cannot escape the lifestyle.

He tries to keep a level head through all of it – but sometimes the statistics can be overwhelming. That’s why he took the opportunity to help an entire family fill their stomachs.

Officer Kelly told WRCB-TV:

“We see stuff that we like to forget. When some kids are really hungry. Some kids live in bad situations. It’s hard to leave [those images] at work sometimes.”

Even though everyone is praising him as a hero now, Officer Kelly says he’s anything but. He just wants other people to spread love and happiness when they can.

“Look for somebody to help there’s someone around all the time to help maybe just food but maybe something else maybe just go up and talk to them.”

We should all strive to be a little more like Officer Kelly today! Try to do something nice for a total stranger – even if it’s something small like holding the door.


Learn more about Officer Kelly’s generous act below. What a kind policeman!

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