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Brother And Sister Take Stage To Dance Has Crowd Wild With Championship Routine

Jeremiah and Jennifer Willis aren’t just brother and sister, they’re both swing dancing masters. They’ve been boogying together from the time they could waddle through the kitchen – and their style is totally unique.

Instead of sticking with classic jazz tunes, Jeremiah and Jennifer always try to dig deep into their Tennessean country roots for inspiration. Such was the case for their US Open swing dancing competition routine.

No one in the audience nor any of the judges were expecting such a twangy swing performance. They had never seen anything like it…


Most people know the Willis family from their hit television reality show. In addition to their musical talent showcased on the program, the children are wildly talented in other aspects of their lives. Jeremiah and Jennifer, for instance, are expert swing dancers.

They move across the floor together in perfect harmony, all while keeping the fast-paced country beat. Only a few of us could keep up with their moves, but no one could do it with such enthusiasm and personal flair! Clearly, they know how to win over a crowd and the judges – as they took home the championship trophy for this performance.


Sadly, the Willis family came into the spotlight last year when their father was arrested. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison – but the family isn’t letting that get them down.  They Willis kids are ready to put their grief aside to reintroduce themselves, not as victims, but as talented artists with a story to tell.

One thing Jeremiah told TODAY was that their family’s trust in God was a guiding light.

“[Our beliefs were] definitely tested, but honestly our faith is what brought us through, and we’re so thankful that we had that.”

We wish Jeremiah, Jennifer and the Willis clan years of happiness after such a rocky lifetime. They deserve nothing but the best.


Watch Jeremiah and Jennifer swing dance across the competition below. They have so much skill!

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