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Stranger Waits For Boy To Fall Asleep On Train Then Hands Mom A Note About Her Parenting

Raising a little one is tough work. Temper tantrums, crying, screaming and, even some arguing, is all part of the game! It’s even worse when the temper tantrums happen in public – a screaming child is something that no one wants to deal with!

But one young single mother from England, named Sammie Welch, quickly learned that keeping her boy occupied is the best way to avoid all of the drama and frustration that little ones are so good at!

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With her 3-year-old Rylan to her side and a stranger in the row next to her, Sammie did her best to keep her little one busy during a lengthy train ride. She didn’t want Rylan acting up and throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a train car full of adults just wanting to get home!

Making the best out of the situation, Sammie played games with Rylan, asked about his day and even gave him a quiet lesson about the importance of manners in a public area like the train!

The more the two interacted, the more Rylan became comfortable and relaxed. Instead of being an “annoying” little one on a train, he was the object of perfection!

A few stops before her own, the man to her side got up to leave. But just as he was about to walk away, he reached over and handed her something – it took Sammie a moment to realize that it was a note wrapped around a £5 bill!

She read the note quietly to herself:

“Have a drink on me, you’re a credit to your generation, polite and teaching the little boy good manners.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the stranger wrote even more on the backside of the note….

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His kind words on the back were even better than what was written on the front! The man continued to say:

“P.S. I have a daughter your age, someone did the same for her once. Hope when she has children she is as good a mother as you.”

That was the biggest compliment anyone could ever give Sammie. She pours her heart and soul into raising Rylan, and it felt amazing to be recognized for that!

Right there on the train, Sammie broke down into tears! She was inspired by his note and didn’t want his kind actions to go without a thank you.

After posting his description and photos of the note on her Facebook page, and reaching out to local newspapers and television shows, she finally found out his identity! The amazing stranger was Ken Saunders, a 50-year-old project manager, and as his note had indicated, a father to a woman Sammie’s age!

Luckily, Ken opened his newspaper one fateful morning to see the story about his note and asked the paper to get him and Sammie back in touch.

He told the Daily Mail about the moment he realized his “small action” meant something huge to so many single mothers!

“I just couldn’t believe it. There was this massive story. It was quite surreal and I texted my daughter Romani to warn her I’d done something embarrassing yet again.”

Sammie, Rylan and Ken were finally reunited and Sammie had the chance to truly thank him. Sammie explained to Ken that his words and money were more than just a nice gesture, they were the reassuarce she desperately need:

“I worry I’m not doing a good job with Rylan all the time – all the time. I worry, am I too hard on him? Am I too soft on him? I try so hard to get it right. So for someone to say I’m going a good job means everything.”

Ken proved that the smallest of actions can have a lasting effect on someone. Now Sammie feels confident with her parenting skills and the way she handles Rylan – that confidence is something most mothers strive to achieve.


Learn more about the heartwarming interaction here!

It’s mothers like Sammie that show manners are still important and so is active parenting. Even though things may get tough, she can always look back at this incredible letter given to her by a total stranger!

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