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Man Spies Postal Worker Outside Of Truck At Neighbor’s Performing Act He Just Can’t Ignore

With their flashing warning lights and zippy little red, white and blue vehicles, postal workers travel out in all types of weather to deliver our mail. They brave snowstorms, wildfires, scary dogs and crazy dive-bombing birds just to make sure our packages make it to our homes and businesses.

It isn’t the easiest of jobs; stressful and harried at times for sure. But despite one postal employee’s hectic delivery schedule, he paused momentarily during his day to do something that’s gone viral.

Flickr/Carlos ZGZ

Rochester, New York, city carrier assistant Robert Franklin was wrapping up his busy delivery schedule on a Sunday when he saw a customer out in the yard. The resident was raising the American flag.

Robert, a U.S. Army veteran, leaped out of his truck and offered to help with the flag raising. The homeowner politely declined his assistance, then Robert stopped in his tracks right there in the front yard.

Flickr/Katy Warner

He stood at attention next to his postal vehicle and saluted the flag until it was fully raised. He didn’t move an inch.

A neighbor spied Robert and was taken aback by his public display of patriotism. Michael Lempert snapped a photo and shared it on social media where it’s since gone viral.

“It wasn’t until I was at my driveway that I realized the USPS driver was not in the truck, but rather standing at attention next to it, saluting the flag my neighbor was raising. I stopped right there and grabbed my camera off the seat next to me, took off my hat, and captured the moment. I then waited until the flag was fully raised before I walked over to introduce myself, asked him for his permission to share this moment, and thanked him for his service. But again, many thanks to retired U.S. Army sergeant Robert Franklin, who is still serving his country, rain sleet or snow. He is the manifestation of true patriotism, and I am proud to have met him.”

Facebook/Michael Lempert

Facebook user John Haley commented on the post. He loved what Robert did.

“Take notes people. Incredible.”

A very modest Robert brushed off all of the attention and praise he received. But he still was appreciative of the kind comments people shared.

He told the news site Link:

“I hope it encourages other postal employees to participate and share flag etiquette. It’s a way to show as an arm of the federal government, we are the stewards of these customs and courtesies.”

Not only did Robert stand at attention for the raising of the flag, he proudly stood just like a soldier is trained to do. We also applaud Robert and his wonderful demonstration of patriotism.

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