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“Daddy, You’re Going To Have To Take Me To School Next Week” Dad Refuses And Goes Viral Overnight

Most of the time, we only hear the victim’s side of the story when tales of bullying go viral. But what happens to the bully? Are they allowed to get away with their cruel actions or are real steps taken to curb their behavior?

Well, if you’re this father from Swanton, Ohio, you take swift action to stop your children from harming others. Matt Cox’s severe anti-bullying message was put on display when he uploaded a video of his 10-year-old daughter ‘s punishment online.

His idea went viral before he knew it – some people praised his strict style while others reprimanded him for “bullying” his own daughter. No matter how you feel, Matt’s approach is something you should see…


Matt first learned of his daughter’s poor behavior after she got kicked off of the bus for several days. She was picking on another student and the bus driver had enough. Matt’s daughter, Kirsten, came home with her head hung low and told him that she would need a ride to school for the next few days.

His blood began to boil – bullying simply wasn’t going to be tolerated in his home. So, instead of driving Kirsten to school, he told her to walk as he followed behind closely in his car. Even though she was being punished, he didn’t want her safety to be at risk.

The frustrated father uploaded a video of Kirsten walking to school, saying:

“I know a lot of you parents are not going to agree with this and that’s all right. I am doing what I think is right to teach my daughter a lesson to stop her from bullying…

Lesson learned. Still has all her extremities intact is happy and healthy and seems to have a new outlook on bullying as well as a new appreciation for some of the simple things in life she used to take for granted.”


Despite the fact that people may not agree with his style, Matt told ABC News he refuses to let his daughter be part of the problem. He’ll do everything in his power to make sure Kirsten is a positive part of society – not a person who makes others feel bad about themselves.

“Parents need to hold their kids accountable. So that was me showing how I hold my kid accountable. I’m not going to be another parent that’s just going to brush things under the rug and say, ‘Kids will be kids.'”

Walking to school will certainly stick in the back of Kirsten’s mind the next time she has the urge to pick on someone. That’s for sure!


Listen to Inside Edition‘s interview with Matt in the video below. What do you think?

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