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Man’s spontaneous dance to “Footloose” in Target turns heads in laughter

One of the new huge trends that technology has brought about is funny videos.

People everywhere, act out in hilarious ways, with hopes to go viral.

This man decided dancing to the classic song “Footloose” in public would be some hilarious footage.

The funniest part, the music is on his iPod, so only he can hear it!

He certainly turned heads and brightened the unsuspecting stranger’s day!

This young man hilariously dances to “Footloose” in various public places, but only he can hear the music.

We’ve all seen the classic movie Footloose, and if you haven’t, you need to!

The dance moves from that movie are timeless and have been reenacted by countless people since the movie came out.

This one might take the cake, watch as he hilariously dances his heart out with no fear!

The first scene of the video is him in the middle of a Target, he’s just starting to bounce around to the beat.

A few seconds later, he pops up out of nowhere and starts to show us his hysterical dance moves.

His footwork and dance moves are impressive, as he dances to “Footloose” in multiple different public places!

After he’s got some laugh’s from the Target customers, it flashes to an arcade where he really lets loose, even doing a full spin move.

He’s not holding anything back as he listens to the popular song through his headphones.

What makes it so epic, is the fact that he’s the only one that can hear the music.

People are truly confused, as the young man cuts a rug unafraid of embarrassment.

The way he dances his heart out in public places is inspiring! Watch him bust some awesome dance moves, all for laughs.

The dancing is actually really good, but the surprise and confusion are what makes it funny.

His fun video has garnered over 2 million views bringing smiles to many as the video quickly goes from Target to an arcade, to a shopping mall, and back and forth to a handful of public places.

The look on his face the whole time is priceless, his expressions are definitely my favorite part.

He even breaks it down for some ladies out to lunch!

The great dancing continues throughout the whole video, all while listen to “Footloose” from his iPod.

I guess dancing in the Apple store kind of fits when you’re thrashing around on your iPod.

This is too funny, I love his willingness. to embarrass himself in front of everyone!

These women out to lunch got a nice treat in the form of some theatrical dance when he hysterically interrupted their lunch.

Somehow they completely ignore him, kudos to them. I would have been cracking up!

Some people even join the dancing fun!

People throughout the video, even join in for the “Footloose” fun. Watch as a group of kids join into this epic dance prank and helps make the video that much better! For a good laugh, watch the video below!

Watch this funny man break it down to “Footloose” in public places – even getting other people to join in.

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