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Officers rush gym floor and take over assembly with newest internet dance craze

You might not remember everything about high school, but you’ll always remember the teachers and faculty who would brighten your day – like the fun-spirited cops in the video below.

A student assembly in Florida took an unforgettable twist when a group of school resource officers joined in on “The Git Up Challenge.”

The captured footage of their performance may have you wanting to jump in too!

One of the current trends sweeping the internet is The Git Up Challenge.

It has people across the country recording themselves dancing along to Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up,” a country-rap that’s made a major splash on its own.

It’s not just teenagers doing the challenge either. We’ve seen a pregnant woman try to induce labor with “The Git Up,” and a baby lighting up his living room with the dance. There have also been construction workers, newlyweds, nurses, and so many more!

The song is a perfect combination of hip-hop with a lot of country western flair, and it even has its own line dancing moves to go along with it.

Blanco’s brand new video featuring people performing the dance is also going viral.

Students were in for quite the show during their high school’s pep assembly one day.

Everyone watched as the cheerleaders and football players took formation in the middle of the gym.

With “The Git Up” blasting in the background, the teens start performing their own version of the routine in pairs.

They, of course, do a little “cowboy boogie” before grabbing their sweethearts for a spin and eventually a “dip.”

Suddenly though, all the participants scatter to the sides of the court. But the performance isn’t over yet.

That’s when four school resource officers from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office come running in. Whoever said cops aren’t allowed to have a little fun? Uh, nobody!

Apparently, they too had learned how to get down to “The Git Up” – and were prepared to show the teens that they never lost their cool. The whole room cheered in response.

As it turns out, these officers sure have some pretty sweet line dancing skills.

They follow along to Blanco’s track that’s known for its catchy beat and lyrics.

It’s impossible not to smile watching them dance, which includes some shoulder-rolls and the old “slip and slide.”

The cops spin their lassos and when it’s time for them to “take a sip with it” – they do that too.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any more fun, it goes up another level.

A handful of athletes come running out and join the officers in their dance.

The best part? A couple of giant T-Rex dinosaurs do as well.

Standing in a line they all take on The Git Up Challenge as a group.

While the officers and athletes are pretty impressive, you gotta admit, the dinosaurs might deserve an extra round of applause for not losing their balance.

The video ends with the school resource officers calling out another Sheriff’s office.

Not only does The Git Up Challenge seem like a great way for the cops to connect with the students – you gotta admit, just picturing them practicing together is enough to put a smile on your face. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall for that!

Watch the video below to see the officers and students rock The Git Up Challenge!

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