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Soldier’s abrupt movement on guard sends brother with Down syndrome running

A man named Sam never had the chance to see his younger brother Jack working as a royal guardsman.

Finally, one day he was given the opportunity to travel to Windsor Castle where a viral scene was captured on film.

It all took place on an episode of the UK reality show, The Specials.

You see, Sam has Down syndrome and was part of the award-winning series that followed a group of childhood friends with intellectual disabilities as they lived in a house together.

Sam was looking forward to watching his brother in his guardsman role, protecting the Queen.

Jack had joined the British Army a year before, so it was a trip that was going to mean a lot to both of the brothers.

But before Sam got to where they were going, another Coldstream Guard gave him a little insight on what to expect.

Lt. Bragger tells Sam:

“When you speak to your brother…he won’t be able to speak back to you, and he’ll stand very, very still. When he finishes his work for the day you can have a chat with him and a cup of tea.”

Sam’s led through the paths of the castle where his brother is stationed.

As a guard, Jack is dressed in proper-uniform which includes a tall bearskin hat.

Since it’s difficult to view a guard’s face wearing the hat – Lt. Bragger confirms that it’s indeed his younger sibling.

Instantly, Sam seems to light up at the sight of Jack looking so official. Not to mention, just getting to see his brother in general.

He had to follow the rules.

Likely Sam would have loved to run up and give Sam a big hug, but that wouldn’t have been allowed.

Instead, he’s instructed that he can go stand for a photo with Jack.

Sam walks up to the guard and stands beside him while they get their picture taken.

It’s obvious he’s happy, although he tries hard to keep a straight face like Jack.

Then came a little fright.

Walking up to a member of the Queen’s Guard seems like it would be intimidating for anyone.

After all, they’re famously known for their serious nature.

Out of nowhere, Jack gives a huge stomp of his boot, which Sam wasn’t expecting.

It makes him jump and scurry off! Apparently, even brothers with professional jobs can still mess with their siblings.

They were eventually given a proper reunion.

Sam was allowed to visit the guards’ dorm once Jack’s shift finished.

This time, however, there was no more uniform or rules to follow.

In a beautiful moment, Sam runs and jumps into his brother’s arms for a hug.

It undoubtedly shows the strong bond between the two.

After The Specials posted the clip on their YouTube channel it went viral – touching people’s hearts around the world.

One person commented:

“Brings tears to my eyes. So much respect. What professionalism from Her Majesty’s service members. Chapeau! Allowing such reunion is amazing. Love from France.”

Another wrote:

“How sweet, I just loved the pride in his face when he saw his brother in uniform. So very touching how much love was shown to this young man.”

Press play on the video below to see Sam’s trip to Windsor Castle. Doesn’t it just lift your spirits?

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