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Emotional reunion of dog missing for 4 years gathers over 3.2 million views

Just the thought of a pet going missing is enough to pull on your heartstrings.

Yet, for Mike Plas from Ontario, this nightmare became a reality when his dog Jack disappeared four years ago.

But even though so much time had gone by, Mike never lost hope – and then one day recently, he received a call from an animal shelter with the most incredible news about Jack!

It’s an emotional reunion caught on camera that’s making its way around the internet.

Life wasn’t the same after losing his buddy, Jack.

Our pets are more than just our “animals.” They’re lovable members of our families that we would do anything to protect.

For this reason, Mike was devastated after his beautiful dog went missing in Ontario.

Four years later, Mike’s cell phone rang while he was at work. What the person had to say threw him for the biggest loop.

On the other end was someone from a rescue shelter in Winnepeg, which is a long distance away from where Mike lives in Thunder Bay.

They asked for his name and if he was the owner of a dog that went by Jack (which they had there).

Because Mike had microchipped Jack all those years ago – it allowed them to track him down.

Mike went home and shared the amazing news with his family.

Later that evening they gathered in the car and started making the long trek to Winnepeg where Jack was.

It was a day Mike will never forget.

After arriving at the shelter, he shared a photo of him and Jack from several years before.

The rescue staff knew they had found the right match!

While Mike waited in the lobby they put Jack on a leash and brought him out to the front.

What took place next is a reunion that viewers are needing a tissue for.

A dog will always remember. In the video, Jack goes trotting over to Mike who immediately falls on his knees to embrace his long-lost friend.

The moment is so emotional that Jack begins to whimper and Mike breaks out in tears.

In fact, it’s such a heartwarming scene that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Despite their four year separation, it appears that Jack was just as happy to finally be reunited with his daddy.

Mike decided to post his miraculous story on Facebook along with their reunion video, and by no surprise, it’s gone viral.

In just over a week it’s been viewed more than three million times!

Within the post, Mike wrote:

“Life without him has never been the same and the feeling of having jacko back is unexplainable.

Never EVER lose hope…. I didnt and after 4 years apart in different provinces we are together again.”

Mike, of course, was very appreciative of those who helped them reunite.

He offered kind words to the animal shelter in his post as well.

“Thank you for the work you guys did to find me. Cannot Express the amount of joy you have givin back to me. Jeremy Browne, and centenial animal hospital winnipeg, manitoba.”

While it’s uncertain where Jack had been all that time, there’s no doubt it’s a story with the happiest ending possible.

It also goes to show the importance of microchipping, that’s for sure.

You can watch Mike and Jack’s beautiful reunion below! Don’t forget those tissues.

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