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Three girls join Dad as he struts his stuff in latest internet dance challenge

One dad decided to gather his daughters and create a surprise for his wife while she was away.

And what better surprise than a little “Git Up Challenge” performance!

If you’re in need of your spirits lifted then this video might be the perfect medicine.

Just don’t be surprised if it makes you want to put on your dancing shoes right along with them.

Some trends are hard to adjust to – and frankly, you might never care about most of them anyway.

However, The Git Up Challenge is slightly different because of how much fun it is to watch (and join in on if you’re feeling brave).

People from all walks of life are stepping out and showing off their dance skills with Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” as their guide.

Similar to the Lip Sync Challenge, even police officers haven’t been able to resist creating videos and uploading them online.

Families too are getting in on the action, just like the one in the video below.

“The Git Up” is a country-rap tune that was released in May of 2019. It sounds like a unique combination, yet, it blends together pretty amazingly.

As for the routine, it consists of some line dancing steps that go along with the lyrics like, “…do the two step then cowboy boogie…” But if you need some help learning them, no worries, Blanco himself filmed a video to show people how it’s done!

It’s bringing people closer. There are tons of positive aspects when it comes to these internet dance challenges.

Besides them being entertaining to watch, it’s a great way for friends, families, and co-workers to spend time together.

In this submission, the man named Johnny didn’t “grab his sweetheart,” but instead invited his two daughters and their friend to participate in learning the dance.

It all took place while his wife Haley was gone, so they could surprise her when she returned.

Dancing in front of an audience isn’t easy – so, fortunately, Johnny stood in front and let the three girls be in back.

They seem really nervous and shy (and that’s even before they knew their performance was going to be viewed hundreds of thousands of times!).

After the intro, they break into “The Git Up” dance as a group.

There’s of course lot’s of dippin’, sippin’, and hip and shoulder movements.

Despite the fact that they didn’t get tons of time to practice the routine, really, they got it down quite nicely.

One person who enjoyed it a lot was Johnny’s wife Haley. After he posted their video on YouTube she later commented:

“What i loved most about my husband doing this with our daughters and their friend is that this was a surprise for me !!!!

I had a pretty bad week and i came home to a clean house and a performance and none of them knew the dance before this day they had practiced it in the hours that i was gone so this video was a one take and i think they all did great considering this was the first day they had practiced it !!”

Haley ended her comment with something a lot of us were already thinking (especially after she mentioned the clean house part):

“…Hubby got major points from me.”

Watch the video below to see this fun foursome take on The Git Up Challenge!

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