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Kind cop sees abandoned scared toddler, takes him to hospital and hold him for comfort

People who go out of their way to help others, even if they won’t get anything for it, are the best.

This police officer went far above his duty with this poor child.

Police officers have a duty to protect and serve. Many of them perform this very well.

But a few of them are keen to really stretch this definition when it comes to assisting people.

James Hurst is one of those police officers. He lives and works in Savannah, Georgia.

One day while he was on duty, he encountered something unusual. It was a toddler who was less than two years old. No one was with him. He was crying, desperately.

So the cop approached the distressed child slowly, not wanting to scare him away.

He said hi to the boy and told him that he would help. The toddler calmed down.

He could tell that this man was going to make everything better. Then Hurst picked the toddler up and took him to the hospital.

In the hospital, the boy started crying again. He had no idea what was going on. But Hurst was determined to make the child as happy as possible.

So he gave the boy a hug and patted him on the back. Pretty soon, the toddler had fallen asleep, comforted.

Hurst would later say that he was just acting out of basic human instinct. But he didn’t realize that not many people would cuddle an abandoned child who had no connection to them.

Hurst’s colleague was overcome with how precious the moment was.

So she took a photo of Hurst comforting the baby and posted it to Facebook. Soon, thousands of people had liked and shared the post.

To date, the post has received over 12,000 likes, 3,300 shares and 1,000 comments. People have been saying things like this:

After the hospital confirmed that the child was healthy, Hurst ensured that social services took the boy in. He is now safe and secure.

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could abandon a toddler. The poor child was in incredible danger being out on his own. But luckily, Hurst was in the area to rescue him.

When he grows up, the child will probably not remember Hurst’s kindness.

But he may encounter the posts on Facebook, reminding him that this kind man helped him through a terrible situation with warmth and compassion.

After the incident with the child, Hurst would go on to win a prestigious award.

Amazingly, the award did not have anything to do with his actions with the toddler.

Instead, it was for preventing and responding to domestic violence incidents in Savannah. This really proves that Hurst is a great cop and human!

Hurst is a loving father himself. Clearly, his children are lucky to have a father that is such a kind-hearted person. What an amazing role model to have as your dad!

His children may one day grow up to become police officers themselves. They will surely be assets to their communities!

Everyone should aspire to have the decency that Officer James Hurst has.

That doesn’t mean just police officers. That means all humans. If there were more people like him, then surely the world would be a much happier, friendlier place for all.

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