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Mom tells kids that the only way to charge their glow-in-the-dark pajamas is to stay still

Kids get the best of their parents all the time, so when parents finally pull one over on their little ones, we can’t help but cheer for that rare victory.

Sometimes we have to tell kids white lies in order to keep life moving along.

And one mom came up with something truly brilliant when it came to putting her kids to sleep.

Jessica D’Entremont of Poughkeepsie, New York posted a photo of her two daughters falling for the ultimate white lie at bedtime.

D’Entremont told her kids that their glow-in-the-dark pajamas could only charge if the girls were lying completely still. It was the perfect way to wind them down before bedtime.

She wrote in a now-viral Facebook post:

“Looking for a way to keep your kids still? Buy them glow in the dark PJs. Tell them they have to lie really still under the light to ‘charge’ them. I’m not even sorry.”

And it’s not totally untrue. The mom makes sure to keep the pajamas in the dark all day so they can’t begin charging until the girls put them on at bedtime and expose them to light.

“To expand on the trickery, I’ve started putting the PJs back into their drawer when they get dressed in the morning… unexposed to light all day, they dim and do not glow in the dark when they tried to test me last night until they laid down again. Reinforcing the need to lie quietly under the light before bed.”

Granted, they don’t have to be lying still for the pajamas to “charge,” but they don’t know that.

In her post, D’Entremont shared a photo of her daughters – 3-year-old Hannelore and 4-year-old Emma – falling for the trick.

In a little over a week, the hilarious post has received a whopping 223,000 reactions, 71,000 comments, and 31,000 shares on Facebook – even more if you count other news outlets that have since re-posted it. It’s a good thing Emma and Hannelore don’t have social media accounts!

Both of D’Entremont’s daughters have a sensory processing disorder that makes bedtime that much trickier for the busy mom.

Because the girls are overly sensitive to some stimuli, finding a way to bring down the energy level before bedtime is even more crucial to making the household work.

Since her post, other parents have tried the trick out as well, some with great success. They’ve even added their own photos in the comments.

Parents are even more excited for Christmas now that they’ve found the perfect present for them and their kids.

And the comments on the post were overwhelmingly positive. No harm, no foul on this little white lie.

In fact, the girls were so still, they had to be told to get up! D’Entremont told TODAY:

“They laid there for 10 minutes and I had to actually stop them to continue with bedtime.

I then transitioned them to their bedroom by turning off the lights — the pajamas really do glow!

They loved it and thought it was great fun because they aren’t quite old enough to grasp that we could see them due to the glow, even though they couldn’t see their dad and I in the dark.”

And parents agree – 10 minutes of stillness and quiet before bedtime is totally worth it.

Be sure to scroll down below to see the original Facebook post and an interview with the clever mom.

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