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Mommy Brings Home A Brand New Puppy But It’s The Older Dog’s Reaction Melting Everyone’s Heart

Lulu the golden retriever is a loving dog to her two humans. She enjoys snuggles on the bed, playing with her favorite squeaky toy and napping in the sunshine.

But, as Lulu got older, her owners realized it was time for another addition to their family.

So, they made some calls and Mom came back with a special gift for Lulu.

Her tailed wagged as Mom walked through the door – but when her eyes saw the fluffy little creature inside the bag, she couldn’t contain herself.

We’re so glad Dad had the camera running and was able to capture this adorable moment…

At first, Lulu was confused by the puppy smell that filled the air. She’s detected that scent at the dog park and friends’ houses, but now it’s at her home? Then two round eyeballs peered over the paper bag and met her own.

Lulu quickly realized what was sitting inside the rustling paper bag: a puppy!

Mom came back with a new best friend for Lulu, a golden retriever puppy named Benson. Her tail went absolutely berzerk and she wined with glee. This was the best day ever!

Even though Lulu was over the moon about his arrival, Benson was nervous about the massive, wiggling dog being so close.

It took several minutes of sniffing out the situation, but the little fluffball soon recognized Lulu was going to be his best friend.

The two sniffed, licked and pawed at each other happily and Mom and Dad watched with smiles on their faces.

Their humans couldn’t have been happier about the introduction of Benson to Lulu.

While they’ll definitely be growing pains, we’re sure they’re going to be two peas in a pod for years to come.

Watch this adorable surprise unfold below. Lulu is going to be a great older sister!

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