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Majestic Horse Spots Neighbors’ Cows At Fence With Scene That Follows Winning Over The Internet

A gorgeous Ster Friesian horse named Koning was outside on his owner’s property in the United Kingdom one day when he looked over at the fence.

Sure enough there was something really interesting standing near it – the neighbors’ cattle!

He headed straight for the creatures who seemed a mix of curious and timid about the gigantic horse. But that’s when Koning decided to give them a little show…

While the bovine watched he began trotting around in a circle, almost as if he were performing!

This seemed to get them really interested so they continued to line up along the fence.

As Koning’s owner pointed out on her YouTube channel, it almost looks like they’re a panel of judges, with the horse doing what he does best!

But we don’t blame them for being so hypnotized, his grace and elegance is simply breathtaking.


After a few moments Koning decides to get closer to his friendly neighbors and stands in front of the fence.

It’s obvious that he’s just as intrigued by the cows as they are of him. At one point he even gets a quick nuzzle from one of them!

It’s a scene that has viewers falling in love – full of beauty as God’s creatures meet together in a peaceful setting.

Frankly, it’s a little comical too! You can watch it for yourself in the video below.

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