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Lonely Woman Lost Her Only Child At Birth But 69 Years Later Hears Voice Say “I’m Not Dead”

There is no greater pain for a mother than the loss of her child, but in one nearly unbelievable case one woman knows what it’s like to get that child back.

The year was 1949, and the world was very, very different. A young woman named Genevive Purinton was 18 years old and with child. While the stories don’t mention her circumstances, it’s safe to assume that Genevive was in over her head.

Eventually, Genevive went into labor and gave birth to a baby girl. “I said I wanted to see the baby,” Genevive told FOX 13 News, but instead the doctors and her family gave her devastating news. They told her that the baby did not make it after she was born.

This weighed heavily on Genevive for her whole life. Ultimately she ended up alone in a Tampa nursing home, with few family to call on.


All the way on the other side of the country, there sat a woman surrounded by loved ones but with a gaping hole in her past. For as long as she can remember, Connie Moultroup wondered about her birth parents.

“I remember being five years old, wishing I could find my mother,” she told reporters from FOX 13. Last Christmas, her family decided to help her the only way they knew how. With an Ancestry DNA kit, a product released in the last decade meant to create genetic maps of the world’s families.


Essentially, a person submits a DNA sample, usually saliva, to the company that makes the kits. Then they use a very complex, but scientific, process called DNA sequencing to “read” the component parts.

One way to think of DNA is as the story of “you.” In its collective base pairs is information that can be compared to other people’s DNA. Just like you can identify a writer’s work by their unique writing style, scientists can identify related DNA sequences.

While most of the time this sort of thing is done in pursuit of criminal justice, it can be applied to genealogy. For people looking for lost branches of their family tree like Connie, these companies can help bring families together.

Eventually, Connie was given a few names, and she set to work finding her roots.


Connie soon got in contact with a cousin she’d never met. She mentioned the name the company gave her as her birth mother’s. “That’s my aunt,” the cousin replied, then added “and she’s still alive.”

That’s why on a recent morning in Tampa, 88-year-old Genevive clutched her walker and stood by the door of her home. She was about to meet the daughter she lost all of those years ago.

When the two women met, the tears flowed freely. “You’re not dead,” Genevive said, as if she couldn’t even believe it.”

“I’m not dead,” Connie replied, laughing through her tears.


It’s both outrageous and shameful that Genevive was lied to so horrifically. For likely absurd, social reasons, her child was taken from her in a way that hurt no less than if the loss were real.

Yet, Genevive can let that all go, now. Not only is her daughter alive, but she’s thriving. Genevive went from having no one to suddenly having a relationship with her daughter, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Nothing can make up for the time stolen from the both of them. Yet, Genevive can take comfort in knowing that her daughter has had an amazing life. It’s a miracle they were able to reunite and meet each other after so many years. And Connie can learn all about this woman she’s dreamed about, and be there for her in a time of life when she needs her the most.

The heartwarming reunion is sure to tug on anyone’s heart.

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