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2-yr-old cooks with Nana and hilariously breaks the “cute-o-meter”

Little Cade is a very promising future chef. In fact, he loves working in the kitchen so much that at only 2 years old, he’s already quite the star!

He’s got a huge following.

This particular video has 80k reactions on Facebook. We’re talking a mixture of likes, laughs, and love.

The budding baker and his grandma posted a video where they would bake cookies.

It’s pretty straightforward but Cade’s a character all his own. Any kid would love to spend time with grandma in the kitchen.

Keep your eyes on Cade.

Nana brings out the mixing bowl with her very excited grandson already wanting to help make those cookies.

She pulls out the butter and as she’s opening the wrapper, she goes,

“Let Nana undo it and then you can throw it in. No eating the butter though, okay?”

Hmm. Funny thing to say at the start of a baking session.

Butter is in!

The moment it falls into the bowl, Cade gets some of the butter on to his hands.

So naturally, he licks a whole lot off. Good stuff. But that’s only the start of what is to be little Cade’s trademark.

Now to measure the sugar. Nana brings out a cup, which the little guy excitedly thumps on the counter.

She helps him measure the sugar before dumping it in the bowl and it was all going smoothly when Cade once again reaches in with his hands and stuffs a handful of sugar into his mouth.

Finger lickin’ good.

Grandma turns her back on Cade for awhile, which was a huge mistake, as the kid’s swift hands grabs the stick of butter and he attempts to put it in his mouth. He’s got quite an appetite!

All she wanted to do was mix the ingredients but it’s now become a wrestling match.

Grandma has to grab and pry Cade’s hands away from the bowl. All he wants is to eat everything in there.

We’re talking both hands here.

Well grandma can’t help it anymore. She bursts out laughing at her grandson’s antics before using an electric mixer to combine all those ingredients in the bowl.

Keep that one away from the little guy!

Now for the eggs.

Cade couldn’t possibly… Well he does! Even grandma is shocked when he tries to eat the raw egg. Woah kid!

“No eating eggs! Crack and put it in.”

Sure, he can do that.

They’re halfway done. Now for the flour.

Nana once again helps Cade measure some into a cup before mixing it in. And if you’re wondering, yes, Cade tried to chow down on the flour too.

Round two!

We’re no longer wondering why grandma seems so strong and fit.

She’s having to wrestle with a two year old!

In goes the baking soda and the cinnamon, which the adorable kid tries to say but of course it sounded like gibberish.

He’s got a mixing spoon and he tries his best to mix the ingredients but those short arms need a bit more muscle. So what does he do? Lick the spoon!

Mixing is different from tasting!

Nana asks Cade to open his mouth so she can see how much he’s had.

Cade obliges and his grandma expresses a mixture of shock and wonder at the little eating machine’s mouth.

Nana then tells Cade to show his viewers what he’s got in his mouth. Seriously, kid.

But how many grandma’s actually scold their grand kids? None.

Good job, Cade!

At least according to nana. She tries to instruct him with the next procedure but Cade’s hands attempt to grab one of the uncooked cookies.

Nana’s faster this time, swiping his hand away. Look at Cade’s face! Gotcha good!

Cookies are ready!

A very happy grandma asks Cade if he’s going to eat them.

Of course he is! Cade grabs one and bites into the delicious cookie.

It sure looks good because he grabs a second one… which he hands to his nana. What a sweet kid!

All that work, all the hilarious moments, and all the mess sure was worth it!

Who knew that baking cookies could be so troublesome and hilarious? Nana knows, that’s who!

Tune in to Cade and Nana’s adorable and hilarious baking show in the video below!

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