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Mama dog melts hearts meeting up with 12 puppies year later

Being a mom is one of the most challenging jobs on the planet!

Even with all the long nights, messy moments, and blow-up arguments, there is nothing more valuable than seeing your little babies grow into good young men and women.

For most dog mamas, they don’t get to see their little ones grow up.

While human parents often see their children grow into adulthood, dog mamas rarely get that chance.

Their puppies are usually placed into other loving families and they grow up in their own little households.

If a mother dog and her puppies were to reunite, what would that look like?

Bess is a dog that has quite the story of love.

Picked up as a stray on the side of the road, Bess needed help.

Dogs are really dependent on humans, and they often don’t make it very long without having a loving home to care for them. When Bess was found, she was in dire straights.

When Tracey and John Stewart heard about Bess, they jumped into action.

Showing their true character, Tracey and John volunteered to help Bess in any way they could. When they finally got her into care, they were shocked by what they found out next.

Bess wasn’t just a stray; she was pregnant with 12 puppies!

With 12 babies all scrambling to get out, everyone knew they needed to act fast.

Rushing Bess to the emergency room, she started her delivery.

Thankfully they had acted so quickly as one of the 12 puppies was blocking the birth canal!

After many long hours, Bess successfully gave birth to ALL of her little ones!

To ensure their safety, Tracey offered to bring them all back home with her.

When there are this many little ones, the odds of survival go down since mama can only make so much milk!

Bess gave it her all, however, and was an incredible mom.

As time went on, the little puppies grew and grew, getting closer to adoption age.

The ultimate goal was to get all 12 puppies AND mama into loving homes.

Since Bess was only a few weeks away from her time on the streets, she was the number one priority. Soon after posting about her availability, she was adopted!

With Bess finding a home, all that was left was to find homes for the other 12 pups.

Who better to call when you need help than friends and family? Tracey and John were able to get EVERY SINGLE PUP adopted through their own relationships!

With the stage for a reunion set, it was time to get them all back together.

Ten months later, Tracey decided to plan a reunion party for the whole family!

With balloons, food, and a big field to romp in, it was going to be one for the books.

With almost a year between their last meeting, would the dogs remember each other?

Getting the pups together first, they definitely knew that they were with family! With tails-a-wagging and hearts soaring, all that was left was to bring in mama Bess!

Gathing all the pups in a circle, they brought their loving mother in.

When they saw their mom, all bets were off!

Everyone was so excited and Bess couldn’t stop licking all her kids that she hadn’t seen in almost a year!

Watching these dogs play is a great reminder of the power of family.

Check out the heartwarming video below!

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