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Homeless man walks up to bartender with $2

Going to bed with an empty belly is a sad reality for people all across the globe.

Those who can’t afford to eat or house their families must then struggle just to survive.

Thankfully, there are some kind angels on this earth that are willing to lend a hand to strangers down on their luck.

One heartwarming story that’s gone viral comes from Memphis, Tennessee.

Huey’s is a restaurant that serves up cold drinks and delicious burgers.

One day, a homeless man walked into the location on Poplar hoping for a meal.

The bartender, Tucker Beck, noticed the man politely asking several customers if they had any money to spare. In the end, he managed to get $2.

Dawn Wilt was dining in the restaurant at the time and noticed the homeless man as well.

She also couldn’t ignore what occurred between him and the bartender, Beck.

Although he only had a couple of dollars, the homeless man approached the bar to see what it could get him.

Beck immediately offered a warm greeting as he walked up, saying, “What can I get you, man?” The guy then replied, “I am hungry, what can I get here with $2?”

As we know, $2 isn’t a lot of money, and it wouldn’t buy much of anything at a sit-down restaurant.

But instead of informing the guy that it wasn’t enough – Beck asked, “What you want man, a burger? Do you want fries or onion rings?”

Surely a full meal was not the answer that the man was expecting.

He showed his appreciation to the bartender with a kind, “God bless you.”

Beck then took his drink order, to which the man replied, “Water.” Turns out, it was a really hot day that day (100-degrees according to customer Dawn), so he was surely parched.

The bartender then placed the order. But when it finally came out – it was obvious that it was much more than a typical meal!

Beck handed the homeless man a heavy to-go bag that was filled with food.

The man’s face lit up and he was overly grateful.

For just $2, he ended up being able to walk out with more than enough to fill his belly – all thanks to a caring bartender.

When speaking to Local 24, Beck said:

“It was a magical thing for him – I think it was just a normal day at Huey’s for us though.”

Dawn was so touched by what she saw that she snapped a photo and shared the inspiring story on Facebook.

After explaining the details of Beck’s good deed, she wrote:

“I say cheers to Beck for having a HEART.. He reminded me of the bartender in Its a wonderful life.. every time a bell rings a angel gets his wings.. Beck you get the wings today.. Made my heart smile…”

God Bless Huey’s…. George is smiling down .. The bartender Beck greeted a homeless man with “what can I get you man”…

Posted by Dawn Wilt onFriday, July 13, 2018

It’s not the only time that Tucker Beck’s gone out of his way to help someone in need.

When he interviewed with Local 24, the bartender shared that he helped feed another homeless individual one summer.

There was a woman living in a bus shelter across from the restaurant, and every day he’d bring her a cold drink and a burger.

Dawn’s Facebook post went viral and has been warming souls across the internet.

One person commented:

“Such a lovely story … one act of kindness no matter how small… can change a person’s life. That bartender will be rewarded for his kindness…”

Another wrote:

“This is what it’s all about. Love your neighbor.”

Press play below to watch Local 24’s interview with the beautiful-hearted bartender!

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