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Little girl’s dance with baby brother warms hearts

Big sisters are the best. They may make it look easy, but being an older sister is rough.

She had your parents’ full attention before you came along.

And now she’s held accountable more because she “should have known better.”

Older sisters paved the way, living under stricter parents who have relaxed a little since you were born.

As a teacher, caregiver, bodyguard, she has stood up for you, even when she didn’t receive any formal training.

Even when she didn’t know what she was doing, she didn’t stop trying to make sure you were safe and had the things you needed.

It wasn’t easy for her to adjust once you were born into the family.

And she’s had to maintain a high standard and be a role model for you. But why can’t she be irresponsible sometimes?

It’s a challenge to always be the mature and responsible one, and she gets no appreciation for it.

This video captures that wonderful moment when the older sister gets to connect with her new baby brother.

It’s such a heartwarming and cute video, as she swings him around gently and kisses his face.

These are the moments to cherish because it won’t be long before they start in with conflicts.

You’ll need to remember these sweet moments to keep your own emotions calm.

As nice and easy-going as this video is, everyone knows there’s gonna be some rough patches in their relationship and everyday interactions.

It’s always good to keep your mind on the positive but you should also be prepared for when the negative feelings come crashing down all around you. has gathered some good insight into preparing your child for a new sibling.

What do you do when your firstborn asks to build a “really beautiful doghouse” so your newborn can live in the backyard?

Well, here are some tips.

“Feel free to be silly about the situation: “Yes, let’s pretend to build a really nice dog house for the baby to live in! Maybe we can send Uncle Noah out there to live in it too!””

Humor and imaginative thinking are major joys to children.

It helps them understand how the world works by stretching their imaginations.

Giving your firstborn child some “one on one” time to play and imagine will provide them a huge benefit, and fill their love tank.

And it’s a huge remedy to fear of abandonment that might come with a new baby’s arrival.

“But don’t be so silly (or silly so often) that you minimize her feelings.”

“Don’t try to “fix” your child’s negative emotions; just do the best you can to understand and accept them.”

Giving words to emotions is an important part of gaining emotional intelligence.

When your child can identify her emotions, and name them, she can get ahead of the curve and deal with her feelings.

Trying to stop her emotions only teaches her to bury them and they always bubble back up in more difficult ways.

“Acknowledge it whenever he’s being sweet with the baby.”

Just like in this video, the older sister is being so sweet with her little baby brother.

Acknowledging and reinforcing the kind of behavior you want when you see it happening organically is key.

When the going gets rough and the emotions are high it will be a great tool to remind the little ones of the kind and loving relationship they have together.

And it begins with acknowledging the good behavior first.

“Know that adjusting to a new baby is an ongoing process.

you’re unsure of what to do, talk to a smart mommy friend who has older children, your pediatrician, or a counselor.”

Your family and community of like-minded parents is such a huge help.

When speed bumps and even huge potholes cause anxiety on your otherwise quiet Sunday morning drive, it’s best to seek advice from those that traveled the road before you.

Just like big sister before you, she had to figure it all out by herself, and now she has some good knowledge, tips, and tricks or even gems to help you out on your journey. You are not alone.

This little guy in the video has his big sister to hold him and take care of him.

She’ll be there for him with her own set of wisdom, making the wild ride of life a little more fun.

Check the video and enjoy this sweet moment of sisterly love!

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