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Matteo Bocelli enchants with “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”

Certain songs evoke such strong memories in us that we can’t help but feel nostalgic when we hear them!

Many of those songs are associated with movies we grew up loving.

Of all the movies with memorable songs, is there any greater than The Lion King?

The Lion King has one of the most famous soundtracks of all time.

It makes sense that people love the Lion King Soundtrack so much!

It is the best-selling soundtrack album to an animated film in the United States with over 7 million copies sold, with 4,934,000 copies sold in 1994.

With the music being written and composed by Elton John and Hanz Zimmer, what else can you expect?

Even though the movie was released 26 years ago, we can still enjoy its songs.

Nobody really gets tired of watching The Lion King!

Even after almost three decades, we still love to hear the songs and feel that warm nostalgia.

Now, years later, people have even decided to perform their own versions of the songs!

Matteo Bocelli is one of the most renowned singers in the world.

Son of the famous Andrea Bocelli, music must run in his blood!

Matteo is a wonderful performer who recently covered a version of the best songs on The Lion King soundtrack!

Of all the songs, Can You Feel the Love Tonight may just be the best!

It is hotly debated which song from the soundtrack is truly king, but Can You Feel the Love is one of those that its hard to argue with!

The original scene was set when Simba finally sees Nala after years of hiding out in the jungle.

Slowly, the two fall in love as they prance through the woods (while Timon and Pumbaa bemoan the loss of their bachelor friend).

Matto Bocelli was recently filmed singing the hit song for the “Disney Goes Classical” album!

Opening up the song on the piano, you might get chills if you know what is coming next!

Matteo starts singing after a few chord changes, and you can’t help but admire his clear vocals.

Getting to the first chorus, it’s almost impossible NOT to sing along.

With the classic lyrics ringing out, anyone who considers themselves a fan will find themselves wanting to join voices with Matteo as he sings the main chorus.

Continuing, Matteo softly recounts the song like a pro.

The timeless lyrics of falling in love and going through life pull at your heartstrings as you listen to the soulful performance.

A good song is more than just its lyrics.

It is also in the hands of the performer to create something beautiful.

Matteo’s version is absolutely delightful and is a genuine and honest version worthy of praise.

As you listen to the last bits of the song, you are likely to be transported back to a time where you heard this song for the first time (and as a younger person!).

That’s what good music does.

It takes us away from our current moment and allows us to feel something we haven’t in a while.

Check out the wonderful performance from Matteo below!

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1 Comment

  1. Maureen Millrr

    September 21, 2020 at 5:36 pm

    Beautiful voice

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