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Daddy and daughter’s “salsa” dance-off steals hearts

Kids love to dance and they will dance anywhere.

Kids will dance in the bathroom, the car, at school, it does not matter where they are, they will dance if they have the chance.

As a parent, one of the places you do not want your child to dance on is the kitchen counter.

Yet, that is exactly where a mother of two, Paola Teran, found her daughter, Emma, dancing.

Instead of getting mad, the site brought a smile to her face.

That is because Emma was salsa dancing with her daddy.

Emma’s dad, Alberto, had set her on the kitchen counter himself.

The daddy and daughter pair were listening to salsa music and got the dancing bug.

So, he set her on the counter to start a dance party for two.

Instead of telling them to stop, Paola started recorded the two salsa dancing away!

As Alberto sings along as well, the dad and daughter bust out their best moves.

Emma might be little but she is already a great dancer!

Emma is giving her dad a fun for his money with her own dance skills.

She does not have to keep up with him, he has to keep up with her.

The best part of the video is the smile that never leaves Emma’s face.

She loves to dance with her dad and it shows. Emma also has the necessary sass that is needed for a great salsa dance.

Emma has some serious moves for her age and she knows it.

One of the most adorable moments in their dance is when Emma points over at her mom, who is filming, as she gets down.

She knows she has the moves and adds in her own style to show it.

She might be young, in her pajamas, and standing on her kitchen counter but she is dancing as if she was on stage in front of an audience.

Paola posted the special moment with the caption,

“I’m a #princess not because I have a prince, but because my father is a #king!”

That is right! Emma’s father is a king for dancing with his daughter and putting that giant smile on his baby girl’s face.

She is his princess and will do anything to make her smile and since she is a dancing princess, that means they have to dance the night away.

The video quickly went viral and has been watched over 500,000 times on Paola’s personal Instagram page.

If you are wondering if Emma and her father are still dancing, the answer is yes!

Emma has her own Instagram account, emmadancequeen, where you can follow her dance throughout her childhood.

She is still dancing on the kitchen counter with her daddy but she is also dancing anywhere she can.

She has videos dancing on a bed, in a bathroom, and even a throwback video of her dancing as a baby.

Emma’s love of dancing, and the joy it brings her, is contagious.

You will not be able to keep a smile off your face while watching her dance.

Watch Alberto and Emma’s special father/daughter salsa dance right below!

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