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Jennifer Nettles’ duet of “How Great Thou Art” is otherworldly

While people who enjoy the song “How Great Thou Art” argue over whether Carrie Underwood or Susan Boyle sung it best, it’s originally a 19th-century hymn of Swedish origin.

It wasn’t even translated into English until 1925 and first became popular as an American church hymn in the 1960s.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the most popular worship songs and it’s been covered by hundreds of singers over the decades, from Elvis Presley the Dolly Parton.

In this performance John Glosson sings the hymn “How Great Thou Art” with Jennifer Nettles, which helped launch him to stardom.

The harmonies on this particular performance are bound to entrance you, regardless of whether or not hymns are your thing.

Commenters said the performance gave them chills.

“Wow! what a way to sing a hymn completely flawless. Amazing,” gushed a viewer.

But the big kudos were reserved for Nettles and her flawless vocals.

“In my 71 years of enjoying music and appreciating thousands of talented singers, I have never seen nor enjoyed a singer who’s talent, depth of feeling and gifts are so special and easy to feel, then Jennifer Nettles,” said one gentleman.

It’s clear that her voice has touched many people.

In 2009, her band Sugarland won Vocal Duo of the Year from the Academy of Country Music, but in 2013 she went solo after her stint on Duets.

While Glosson sounds pretty magnificent, many felt it necessary to compare the two singers. And since it’s a reality competition, we suppose that’s fair enough.

“Truly truly my favorite duet ever. Jennifer’s voice is unimaginably perfect… and for an amateur, I think John Glosson holds his own… which is actually quite a high compliment considering who he’s singing with,” remarked a commenter.

It’s safe to say the audience in the studio back was impressed and so was Nettles’ fellow judge Kelly Clarkson, who knows a thing or two about reality singing competitions!

The pair got a standing ovation.

As a pastor’s son, no doubt Glosson has practiced his fair share of hymns – and it shows!

His mentor was proud of his efforts, which ultimately led to him coming in runner-up in the competition.

While he was briefly a worship leader in Jacksonville, Florida, Glosson then went on to co-own J&D Designs and Cafe with his wife Debra back in his hometown of Douglas, Georgia.

Not content to stop singing, he is now sharing his gift with the world again with a recent EP Spirit Move.

He even shares a duet with Nettles – who he remains friends with – on the album.

It’s called “Compass” and no doubt it’s giving fans goosebumps just the way their performance of “How Great Thou Art” did.

It looks like the show – and their early duets – had a great impact on them both and we’re glad to hear they’re still making great music together.

Be sure to scroll down below to see their beautiful performance!

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