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Man secretly stashes brother’s rent money for years

Todd Burkemper is the ideal big brother, the kind so many little brothers dream about as kids!

What makes him so ideal you ask? Well, it’s a story that deserves to be told!

Todd looked out for his little brother, Alex, like none other.

Todd has been working hard since graduating college almost a full decade ago back in 2011.

He’s worked his way up in a software design company and is now senior software developer at Buildium!

His hard work paid off when he built his own house!

And this was back in 2013! Todd is no stranger to hard work or struggle, but his determination has propelled him forward!

Todd didn’t only help himself with his hard work.

He let Alex, who is six years younger than him, stay at his home shortly after Alex’s own graduation in 2017!

How nice is that? That way, Alex could maintain some of the freedom he found by living away from home rather than moving back in with his parents!

All at the low low cost of free!

But after six months, Todd asked Alex to start paying his fair share.

More than fair and still a fantastic deal all things considered!

Alex had six months to get on his feet and establish himself in his career a little!

They lived together and lived quite harmoniously for years!

But Alex knew his time was coming to fly free and move out from his brother’s house!

Except, Todd had a big surprise waiting for Alex.

Alex put an offer on a home and, shortly before the end of May, it was accepted! Alex would finally have a house of his own.

Such a huge event called for celebration from the Burkemper family!

They all gathered together and Todd put the plan into motion!

Todd had been, unbeknownst to Alex, secretly saving that rent money!

He was even adding on to those savings a little himself, bolstering what he would eventually give to Alex when he bought a house. Talk about a great big brother, right?

He didn’t want Alex to struggle to make ends meet the same way that he did.

This was his way of ensuring his brother would be okay without spoiling him too much!

“Although Alex was puzzled when he saw me with my camera out, he was even more confused, then completely shocked, when Todd held up a screen shot of the savings account balance on his phone. Then, he told Alex the money was his!”

“After posting this story on my FaceBook page that evening, and reading all of the heartwarming responses, I felt compelled to share this story of brotherly love with a wider audience” -Barbara Burkemper, Todd and Alex’s mother

“The generosity shown by Todd is just one of many amazing facets of his character. We are so very humbled by the awesome human being he has grown into.”

It must fill Todd and Alex’s parents with so much pride to see what fantastic young men they’ve raised with such great work ethics and expectations of absolutely nothing!

Todd and Alex embraced in a hug of brotherly love, something incredibly beautiful to see. You can watch the video at the link below and we highly recommend you do. It’ll left anyone’s spirits!

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